Comarch SFA Beacon




Together with location-aware SFA Mobile App we also deliver our own Comarch Beacon transmitters, so we can provide our clients with dedicated software without the necessity of being supported by third-party hardware.



Using Comarch Beacon, invite your customers to pubs, restaurants or wherever you want and urge them to take advantage of your offer. Whenever a client is near a club where your Comarch Beacon is, she will receive a message on her smartphone encouraging her to come inside and informing her about current promotions, events or new products.

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Transmitter that periodically sends data packets that can be received by another device (e.g. smartphone, tablet, notebook)


Use BLE Proximity sensing to transmit a Universally unique identifier picked up by a compatible app or operating system that can be turned into a physical location or trigger an action on the device


When a user enters the specified region his or her application gets notified about that fact and may display a personalized message or discount offering


When user approaches with his or her smartphone very close to a product he or she is presented with detailed information about the product and actions that he or she may take related to that product


Thanks to the beacons distributed around the building the application can find out its own physical location and therefore can easily lead the user to the chosen point of interests


Beacons can be integrated with SFA mobile app for sales reps to report their presence at stores or to send notifications and information about required activities

comarch sfa beacons avantages


How you and your customers can benefit from the micro-location technology:

→ your customers get:

  • information about current promotions,
  • individual discount coupons,
  • invitation at the exit with a discount to use during the next visit, etc.


→ you can:

  • gain increase in the number of customers in clubs offering your products, and thus you gain increase in sales.
  • gain growth of customers’ interest in your products
  • increase brand attachment and make your products present in social media by engaging customers in various programs
  • make your brands match the customers’ needs better thanks to information about your customers’ behavior and preferences (when they came, which offer they like or even more detailed information by implementing the call to action functionality (give answer, share your opinion, etc.)

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