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Comarch EDI Master Data Management data pool enables all products’ master data to be managed in one place.



Keeping the data cleaned and updated is very challenging. Enterprises have product details scattered throughout different systems and departments. Our data pool has been developed to keep all data coherent in one place and to exchange them with partners worldwide. Moreover, integration with Comarch EDI B2B network provides the highest quality of data exchanged (e.g. orders or invoices).

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Maintaining a central product catalog that is available for all users. Safe and fast data transfer and integration with Comarch EDI provides fast access to high-quality data.


Selection of parameters is adapted to the requirements of your clients. List of over 100 parameters that meet market and regulatory standards (e.g. Reg. 1169/2011). Diversification of parameters into general available to all users (e.g. ingredients) and dedicated parameters (e.g. prices) visible only to selected customers.


Search products in the directory for all users (only the general parameters). Subscription mechanism provides automatic alerts when there are new products or new versions available of the selected product category or the supplier.


Different methods of data entry (e.g. web form, upload from the file, EDI file) tailored to the capabilities and preferences of your company. Ability to use already entered parameters for similar products, and adding multimedia (e.g. images).


Create different versions of the product for the period indicated. It allows the introduction of planned changes and viewing the version history.


The buyer completes the internal data in order to optimize their use in internal systems (e.g. internal product codes).


Data validation by buyers in accordance with individually agreed flow. The possibility of dividing the authorization of certain parameters by individual departments (e.g. purchasing, logistics, accounting).


Quick and easy communication with a business partner in order to verify the parameter or its incompatibility with the agreement.

benefits comarch edi data pool



  • Comprehensive product data management in B2B and B2C channels
  • High quality of data in EDI documents (e.g. invoices)
  • Faster product launch
  • Reduction of out-of-stocks situation
  • A complete and current information on the shelves - customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in returns


Service Desk

Comarch EDI Service Desk provides support for our customers in different languages.

Projects Management

Experienced project managers responsible for coordinating the work and ongoing reporting of the project.

Partners On-boarding

Implementation of process of connections of business partners in accordance with the schedule (including information campaigns, webinars, newsletters).


Support for the installation and use of the application with the Comarch EDI portfolio.

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