Data Interchange




Comarch EDI – our B2B network makes exchanging of orders, receipt confirmations or invoices simple and secure.



Within few days your business can start communicating electronically with all partners regardless of their technological maturity and geographic region. Our EDI managed services enable exchange of dozens of message types converted to/from many formats agreed with the partners. Integration with internal IT systems or Web-EDI solution guarantee exchanging of 100% messages electronically shortly. Moreover, your company will have access to both reports on exchanged data and processing statuses.

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Intuitive web-based application that provides data exchange even with the smallest partners.The features include: access to a readable version of the document, rapid creation of related documents, file downloading, viewing the current status of the document or saving in many formats, and more.


Defining a dedicated validation rules to ensure the reduction of incorrect documents. Frequently used for invoices (including checking the net / gross amount).


Sending documents to multiple entities in order to speed up the process. For example, the partners’ order may be directed to logistics operators (e.g. without prices).


Automatic communication ensuring easy integration with internal systems of your company (e.g. ERP, WMS) via a wide range of communication protocols (e.g. AS2, FTP/VPN, SFTP, WebService).

Conversion de format

Translating the document format to formats appropriate for the partners and the partners’ formats to the format of your company. Support for multiple formats (e.g. XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, TRADACOM, ODETTE, VDA ) and help in the creation of documents specification.


Prepared reports based on the data exchanged in EDI documents. For example, a comparison of the number of products ordered versus invoiced or EAN codes on the invoice exist in reference to the order. Subscription reports on e-mail in any format (e.g. Excel) for use in the preparation of periodic reports.


Ergonomically designed web application that allows for a quick preview of the current status of the processed documents. It allows for a rapid response in the event of erroneous and lost documents.


  • Replacing paper documents with their electronic counterparts
  • Starting communication with each business partner
  • Optimization of processes across the supply chain
  • Significant reduction of costs (including the costs of printing, packaging, shipping)
  • Reducing the administrative work
  • High quality of data
  • Improved relations with partners
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility

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