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Our business intelligence platform provides customer-oriented enterprises aggregated, pure, multi-section data, facilitating faster decision making in managing loyalty programs and complex marketing campaigns.



According to market statistics, growing companies usually generate 30% to 50% more data each year. This of course requires necessary organization, people, IT infrastructure and software and what is the most important, especially in loyalty marketing, particular attention to both data collection and data analytics processes.

The answer is Comarch Business Intelligence platform that converts this data to valuable information and knowledge which is crucial for data driven business. Our solution supports customer-oriented companies in building successful loyalty strategies by offering deep analysis of large volumes of collected data, as well as provides complete picture of customer buying patterns, their value, campaign effectiveness and overall program statistics.

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comarch business intelligence

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  • Intuitive, browser-based, graphical user interface with drag and drop functionality

  • Responsive design (adaptation to screens of different mobile devices, freedom of usage anywhere in the world)

  • Many forms of visualization (graphs, indicators, sparklines, maps, tables)

  • Interactivity (reports, dashboards, charts, tables)

  • High performance of the solution thanks to in- memory engine

  • Ad-hoc reporting,

  • Easiness of use (no IT skills requires)

  • 100% web access

comarch BI


Thanks to Comarch Business Intelligence platform a company will get many benefits including:

  • identification of customer behavior, needs and opinions → increased customer retention
  • identification of buying patterns →  increased purchase frequency
  • identification of key factors driving loyalty → increased overall program effectiveness
  • identification of customer lifestyle and preferences  tailored offers, mailings, rewards, privileges
  • identification of highest value customers  improved profitability & savings
  • evaluation of marketing campaigns → increased response rate
  • identification of loyal customers everywhere they interact with a brand → knowledge regarding customers in multiple touch points. 

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