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The fast development of social networking platforms and the new forms of online communication has caused a change in modern marketing tools.



Nowadays it is extremely important to track and measure opinions surrounding brands and products, increase the online presence of companies and develop strategies that build customer engagement and strengthen their direct relationships with enterprises through social media. It’s important to have constant interactions with potential and existing customers and develop new communication methods to enhance existing loyalty programs strategies.

All these activities are especially important in the process of discovering and understanding customers’ needs and their behavior. That’s why loyalty program vendors, trying to be closer to their members, shift to social media. As a result, they enable increased satisfaction, engagement and loyalty by better targeted marketing campaigns relevant to the customers real needs. So, in fact the ability to adapt to the present market requirements could be in the future one of the loyalty programs success factors.

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comarch social mining


Comarch Social Mining social media monitoring system, as a module complementary to the other Comarch CRM & Marketing platform applications, enables integration of loyalty program management processes based on both transactional data, omnichannel communication history with social media behavior and engagement data. Application functional scope is based on three pillars: 

  • sentiment ratio (positive, negative, neutral content)
  • share of Voice
  • classification and segmentation of users 
  • discussion analysis in the Social Networks 
  • detailed member count statistics
  • engagement statistics around website social traffic
  • like categories and page statistics
  • content conversion rates (viewing, new registrations from social media)
  • the possibility of a full measure of communication 
  • ongoing monitoring of user activity on the fanpage and applications
  • real-time tracking of defined words and phrases
  • the ability to track in real time indicators
  • creating a segment of "opinion leaders" 
  • social reach booster
  • content creation that will be covered with the specific audience

comarch - analyse des réseaux sociaux


  • Possibility to encourage members to connect their loyalty program accounts to the social media ones - unique chance to  gain additional personal information
  • Ability to manage  integrated, comprehensive data regarding loyalty program members within the CRM&Marketing platform as a consequence of extension of marketing activities in social media and possibility to discover customer’s opinions and requirements
  • Full integration with Comarch Loyalty Management makes it possible to enrich customer profiles based on social media engagement data while the quality of marketing communication with customers is also improved
  • Access to the information on the trends, sentiment, involvement of customers and their spontaneous comments and keyword related engagements
  • Improved segmentation based on additional social attributes of clients - the new way that companies may segment customers taking into consideration combined, comprehensive customer related information
  • Ability to focus on the most influential customers and brand ambassadors
  • Ability to improve overall loyalty program strategy based on real opinions and customer needs
  • Ability to give customers rewards for certain, social media related actions that help feed new customer acquisitionGreat tool for benchmarking to competitors not only brand but also particular marketing actions by measuring the volume of conversation around them and their sentiment. 

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