Comarch Smart Analytics

The amount of available data is exploding like never before. Extremely valuable knowledge is hiding within data that comes from loyalty programs, social media, surveys, blogs, forums, contact-centers, mobile devices and is waiting to be discovered and used to generate revenue. Getting to know customer opinions, needs, lifestyle, even emotions is a great opportunity for marketers who prepare campaigns to seduce new customers and retain the current ones.


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comarch smart analytics

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Comarch Smart Analytics delivers valuable knowledge concerning the:

  • identification of customer behavior, needs and opinions --> increased customer retention
  • identification of buying patterns --> increased purchase frequency
  • identification of key factors driving loyalty --> increased overall program effectiveness
  • identification of profitability drivers --> manipulation of customer behavior to increase ROI
  • identification of customer lifestyle and preferences --> tailored offers, mailings, rewards, privileges
  • identification of highest value customers --> improved profitability & savings
  • evaluation of marketing campaigns --> increased response rate
  • identification of cannibalization --> better planning
  • identification of loyal customers --> knowledge about customers in multiple touch points

fonctionnalites smart analytics



  • numerous interactive visualizations: dashboards, scorecards, maps, gauges
  • data-mining visualizations: decision trees, clusters, neural networks
  • intuitive, browser-based, graphical user interface
  • ad-hoc raw data exploration in OLAP cubes with unlimited possibilities 
  • push and pull, ad-hoc and periodical reports generation with no advanced analytical or IT skills
  • pro-active alerts and triggers notify users about alarming situations or trigger a business action
  • mobile KPI dashboards on tablets 

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