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One of the main challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to create a strong bond between customers and the brand.



For more than 14 years, Comarch has been providing its clients with cutting-edge IT solutions for comprehensive management of customer loyalty programscustomer relations and support for marketing activities. With best-in-class Comarch Loyalty Management system you can create and execute unique customer engagement programs, effectively manage memberships and rewards, interact with customers across multiple channels and track loyalty system performance.

Comarch Loyalty Management offers all the tools needed in order to build a successful loyalty program(or coalition loyalty program), created for both individual and business customers. To maintain high levels of customer satisfaction, program participants can easily be engaged through the personalized contextual offers and promotion actions such as: lotteries, special auctions, coupons or benefits for the best customers. Loyalty program management is easier with innovative tools.

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Key system functionalities of the Comarch Loyalty Management solution include: 

  • full management of customer data & behavioral information
  • flexible, unlimited ways of dividing customers base 
  • detailed transaction history 
  • social media data capture
  • multidimensional & dynamic segment/tier creation 
  • multiple account hierarchy
  • multiple ID support (plastic card, virtual card, NFC, key fob, invoices)
  • robust promotion designer 
  • single or multi-partner promotions
  • multiple promotion benefits as a result of one transaction
  • automatic initiation of promotions related to specific events
  • ability to set different priority rules  for promotions
  • promotion calendar with a complete view of all active promotions 
  • various coupon types (paper form and virtual) 
  • mass or personalized messages via email/sms/Direct mail/POS/mobile application/website 
  • real-time messages with personalized content
  • sending surveys and collecting answers saved as new customer attributes 
  • notifications on mobile application for geo-located push or pull offers 
  • content publication on Facebook fanpage
  • enhanced smart message editors for email, SMS and POS channels
  • import content prepared by marketing agencies
  • customized website for specific segments/tiers
  • access to central repository for all digital media
  • various types of rewards (discounts, gifts, cash-back, giveaways, vouchers, partners’ products/services
  • various types of rewarding schemas & logistics management 
  • reward catalogue accessible from all devices and in stores 
  • benefits tailored to specific customers not available for others
  • flexible reward price plans: “points only”, “points plus money” different for each channel
  • information of related rewards 
  • multiple redemption channels: POS, Call Center, Customer Web Portal, mobile application, partner sites, home delivery
  • points donation/transfer
  • real-time access to profile data, points balance and transactions’ details 
  • set up personal contact preferences: channels and promotion types 
  • opt‐in/out to geo-located offers and shopping quests
  • reward redemption & orders in a most convenient way and scheme for customers
  • dedicated wish list of rewards
  • interactive surveys available via all channels with extra points/bonuses for their completion
  • personal program statistics of loyalty program activity 
  • ”member-gets-member”
  • real-time tracking of the progression of a customer program activity
  • products/rewards/services rating
  • sharing reward votes on social media/mobile app and member portal
  • publication of check-ins on Facebook wall
  • shop locator  accessible from member portal and mobile app.
  • real-time/batch processing of all transactions
  • products, stores definition and management
  • program partners administration 
  • automatic mechanism of user and member fraud prevention & detection 
  • black-lists administration
  • quick access to audit info  on every level of system operation
  • built-in contextual help mechanism
  • multi-language interface
  • real-time access to program KPIs displayed on iPad for executives 
  • constant monitoring of members’ activity on dashboards for day-to-day operators
  • standard and ad hoc report  creation  - report templates
  • alarms & notifications (email or SMS) of reports availability
  • different formats of report generation: PDF, XLS, RTF and CSV

Loyalty goes mobile

The popularity of smartphones and the number of downloaded applications is rising. Mobile devices help with everyday shopping and influence customer purchase habits. The benefits of mobile solutions are also appreciated by loyalty program operators. In response to current needs and market trends, Comarch created a new solution - Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application - that allows you to enrich your loyalty program and reach customers and influence their behavior anywhere and anytime with a most innovative technology - Beacon.


Gamify your loyalty program

Gamification can be a great way to strengthen customer loyalty and engagement, and to introduce a social aspect to loyalty programs that traditionally have not had any inherently community-based features. Engage program members using Beacon technology through posing challenges in return for particular benefits!



Benefits for program members

  • relevant nearby offers at the right time and place
  • real-time points issuance and quick redemption
  • participation in tailored loyalty scheme with unique, personalized offers and rewards
  • faster points earning, thanks to various marketing offers  and events  such as lotteries, auctions and multi-partner deals
  • more privileges and more benefits for top program members
  • real- time access to loyalty account via mobile app or member portal
  • track progress of own activity within program

avantages pour les membres du programme

Benefits for the program operator

  • detailed information about program members and the possibility to influence purchase behavior
  • ability to drive sales by enabling ongoing multi-channel communication, and value-generation with customers
  • unique and flexible tool to define an unlimited number of the most sophisticated cross- and up-selling promotion rules
  • creation of more targeted promotions, and thus increased revenue at lower costs
  • reduced acquisition costs and improved customer retention
  • increased customer spends, and decreased program costs and complexity through instant points redemption
  • SKU-based system that allows rewarding customers based on individual products and services purchased
  • utilization of mobile marketing as the most precise and direct way of reaching customers
  • complete insight into customer transaction history and system operations
  • full system customization, multi-country and multi-language support
  • tracking and reporting capabilities to demonstrate the loyalty program’s effectiveness

avantages operateurs du programme

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