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Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application helps identify, register, reward and engage your customers through highly personalized and real-time offers anywhere, anytime with minimal effort and minimal cost.



We make it easy for customers to access their loyalty accounts, and collect more points while shopping with exclusive offers and coupons available through the application. It also enables you, the operator, to collect more robust data about your customers and their shopping patterns. The intuitive loyalty program application powered by Comarch has embedded gamification mechanics and micro-location based offers to maximize customer engagement.

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Invite your customer in and 'beacon' him or her through your offers and promotions


Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile App together with our new micro-location technology Comarch Beacon opens up completely new opportunities for targeted and personalized communication with your loyalty program members.

Using the Beacon signal, CLM Mobile App estimates where the customer is located and prompts dedicated real-time messages related to the passed products or checkpoints on his or her smartphone. While generating the message, we can exploit all our knowledge about the customer's loyalty status and purchasing decisions accumulated in the Comarch Loyalty Management platform, so you can not only offer the loyalty program benefits but also suggest products that the customer might like.

Using the CLM administration module you can:

  • create precise and personalized mobile campaigns targeting specific loyalty program profiles
  • configure association of given locations and product categories to the specific Beacons
  • decide how far from the Beacon customer must be to get the specific message
  • decide how many times one user can get the same message/offer within a specified time interval

Together with location-aware CLM Mobile App we also deliver our own Comarch Beacon transmitters, so we can provide our clients with dedicated software without the necessity of being supported by third-party hardware.

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Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile App will help your customers to shop smart and allow them to:

  • quickly enroll in a loyalty program
  • use a virtual card as a program identifier
  • opt-in for mobile offers and discounts available only in the app
  • browse the reward catalogue and order rewards
  • vote & share opinions about rewards
  • create own wish list
  • get directions to  the nearest store, view site information
  • find exclusive nearby  deals from a chosen program partner
  • use smartphone camera and GPS to view geo-targeted offers from nearby businesses in real world environment
  • publish store “check-ins” or redemptions made on Facebook personal wall and get bonus points
  • manage program account and check current point balance
  • view history of all transactions
  • check personal statistics and view progress bar
  • fill in a survey in exchange for bonus points.


Comarch Loyalty Management Mobile Application is available for iPhone and Google Android devices.

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