Comarch Customer Engagement




Comarch Customer Engagement is a tool that comprehensively allows users to increase customer motivation and commitment.



The user is able to increase engagement of the customer by defining and setting up conditions, achievements and games rules by connecting them together to create a rich user experience.

This innovative gamification tool offers a variety of fully customizable plugins to engage and reward users, especially by utilizing virtual elements: badges, challenges, leaderboards and storytelling. The customer engagement software is based on the 3F rule: Fun, Friends and Feedback.

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Gamification optimizes the pleasure of communing with brand. Users have the opportunity to gain awards, prizes and compete with each other.

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Customers can share their successes with friends via social media for which they get badges. An important aspect is also healthy competition, which strengthens the power of contacts and relationships between people and most of all flows on the level of involvement in gamification.

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Players are informed of all major developments and achievements in the game. At any time, they can be kept up to date and due to the fact that gamification is based on always positive emotions (emphasizing the achievements and successes) the users feel valued and hence their motivation to undertake further challenges grows.

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Beacon game 

Use the Beacons to gamify your customer!


Identifying end-to-end customers during their visit at your premises is only one of the possibilities available thanks to Comarch Beacons and gamification mechanisms.

In the Comarch Customer Engagement system we gather gamification data about loyalty program members, such as user engagement progress, number of badges and levels or goals achieved. Thanks to that we provide a dedicated customer’s engagement path which is able to achieve business goals like cross-selling or enrollment process (member gets member). Each visit in the client’s venue is different. We offer a variety of gamification scenarios using Beacons. One time the mission can be to find a treasure (as a special promotion form) like Indiana Jones and another time to stop by in all defined pit stops (cross-selling) like in Formula 1.  All this because being first is our natural need.

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  • deep insight into client preferences
  • engagement of users through challenges
  • creating deep interactions between the brand and the client
  • flexible and varied promotions for badges and points
  • enriching the client experience
  • targeted and personalized feedback for users in the form of notifications
  • free advertising in a form of social media impressions

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