Comarch CRM

Comarch CRM is a central component of Comarch CRM & Marketing platform, that gathers comprehensive customer information and consistently manages it. Comarch CRM is an application that provides a cross-disciplinary knowledge, focused mainly on measures to increase the cost effectiveness of customer service processes. It is a dedicated system for handling complex customer centric processes that relate to the marketing and sales activities, ensuring the implementation of customer contact policies through a variety of communication channels. Its ability to focus on people and manage the behavior and customer lifetime value over time, is based on various, omni-channel interactions  at all touch points as well as  cooperation during the entire lifecycle.


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Features of Comarch CRM are :

  • complete 360 degree customer view  
  • real-time customer data - detailed view of both companies and individual customers
  • access to customer account history, contact, sales and order information, customer interactions at all touch points
  • cleansed and transformed data – high-quality, standardized information
  • integration with social media accounts
  • desktop and activity management
  • role-based calendars
  • complex case and task management
  • call Center functionality
  • real customer-centric operations
  • multichannel contact management
  • tracking of every customer activity
  • Lead generation and pipeline
  • Sales history details
  • Review of financial information
  • Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Advanced workflow
  • Knowledge base management
  • Project Management
  • Escalation rules
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Calendars and reminders 

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Customer experience and loyalty

  • better understanding of customer requirements
  • improved ability to meet customer needs
  • more personal approach in dealing with customers
  • more effective marketing communication
  • increased customer satisfaction and retention


Improved customer service

  • reduced costs of support and service
  • improved business processes
  • reduced response time to customer requests
  • increased efficiency for Call Center and Help Desks
  • automation of sales and marketing processes
  • monitoring of customer activities and control own results


Increased sales and profitability

  • development of better relationships with customers
  • understanding of historical trends
  • appropriate offers to right customers
  • possibility to avoid common mistakes in sales and service process


Greater transparency and efficiency of operations

  • de-duplication of efforts across a company
  • own efforts control


Integrated analytics

  • greater visibility and metrics about customers
  • deeper knowledge of how marketing and customer service impacts sales and customer behavior
  • access to decision-making analytics 

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