Comarch Campaign Management




Comarch Campaign Management was created to help marketers easily define and manage marketing campaigns (both single channel & complex multi-wave designs), and deliver the right message to the right audience over the right channel.



The system optimizes the campaign planning process, simplifies management, automates execution of multi-channel and facilitates tracking and measuring campaign performance. The solution also helps to optimize workflow and create clear tasks which guarantees that resources are allocated flawlessly across your organization and collaboration is efficient. 

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Comarch Campaign Management's key features include: 

  • Interactive marketing calendar
  • Linking loyalty promotions with campaign stages
  • Setting campaign priorities
  • Campaign templates
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Definition of key performance indicators for every campaign
  • Ability to plan campaigns only for selected locations or for entire retail chain
  • Assignment of partners to every campaign
  • Assignment of departments to a campaign
  • History of changes made in a campaign
  • Drag-and-drop campaign lifecycle
  • Definition of campaign stages and connections among them
  • Set-up of periodical stages
  • Automation of marketing actions through event-triggers
  • Campaign copying
  • Intuitive tutorial
  • built-in customized workflows to automate internal campaign processes
  • an intuitive, drag-and-drop designer for workflow creation
  • reusable task workflows
  • assigning users to roles and tasks
  • task overview - quick insight into all tasks 
  • notifications & reminders
  • attachments & comments in tasks
  • user group management
  • access for external partners (agencies and vendors) to the system and involvement in campaign preparation
  • advanced and precise customer segmentation based on customer demographics, previous customer behavior, and campaign history 
  • an easy-to-use graphical wizard for defining segments 
  • multiple options for creating target groups: from scratch, merge or filter existing target groups, add new conditions, import ready-to-use segments
  • real-time calculation of the target group size
  • comprehensive insight into individual customer interaction history
  • flexible import & export of target group
  • automatic contacts deduplication
  • generation of seed list
  • A/B tests to choose the best email version 
  • control groups
  • email/text message preview 
  • ability to integrate with external tools to preview messages in many email clients and run anti-spam tests
  • direct communication for email, text message, Call Center 
  • intuitive email and text message creation tools
  • event-triggered messages
  • dynamic content generation
  • online surveys
  • channel mixing within a single campaign
  • definition of contact rules for every channel within different contact strategies
  • support for sending coupons or vouchers via various channels
  • periodical messages
  • assigning marketing costs to a single campaign
  • detailed categorization of costs
  • fixed and variable costs summary
  • automatic calculation of communication costs
  • comparison of estimated and actual costs
  • splitting expenditures into cost centers and campaign stages
  • assigning costs to sponsors
  • comparison of planned budget and campaign costs
  • campaign goals (KPIs) monitoring
  • customizable dashboard to get all necessary information about campaigns at a glance
  • tracking individual results from a particular campaign
  • real-time delivery and response tracking (opened emails, click-through rates)
  • delivered and undelivered text messages
  • individual customer activity tracking
  • standard report templates across key marketing elements 
  • generating & exporting reports in different file formats and standards (e.g. PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, RTF, HTML)
  • reports can be scheduled, bookmarked, exported and shared across the company
  • enhanced analyses provided by the Comarch Smart Analytics solution, 
  • introducing  advanced Business Intelligence features



Comarch Campaign Management solution will help you plan and execute effective marketing campaigns and bring you many benefits, including:


  • simplified planning and unified collaboration across the entire marketing team
  • easy handling and management of even a large number of multi-stage campaigns
  • wide range of communication channels for customer engagement
  • automation of personalized campaigns
  • easy access and manipulation of customer data dynamic change of customer journey based on customer behavior 
  • increased campaign effects through advertising offers better adjusted to the customer needs
  • real-time campaign effectiveness measurements and benchmarking
  • better insight into marketing costs and budget 
  • intuitive graphical tools and templates which increase productivity, ease of use , and overall experience
  • operational reporting and distribution of campaign reports to defined users

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