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In today’s market, only well targeted and personalized offers delivered at the appropriate time can generate real return on marketing investment. Customers expect the adaptation of the company’s marketing to match their specific needs. However, company decision-makers expect marketers to demonstrate real and measurable effects of conducted campaigns while optimizing costs.

To speak directly to each individual customer when a company has a very large database of customers and prospects is only possible by using sophisticated IT automation tools.

Comarch Campaign Management



Gaining the attention and loyalty of clients is a very difficult process. In fact, it is a battle of engagement, so companies must drive business in a new way.

Gamification is rooted in proven psychological and social mechanisms which improve engagement of clients by creating amazing adventures. 

To create interactive and engaging scenarios and to make communication with clients more effective, we use the newest concept – Internet of Things, based on iBeacons, Google Glasses and smartwatches.

Comarch Customer Engagement

Comarch Travel Engagement

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One of the key challenges for customer-oriented enterprises is to find effective marketing methods to create strong loyalty linkage between customers and company that increases sales opportunities and reduces customer migration. 

This creates the need for tools able to improve understanding of clients’ behavior and their shopping habits in order to increase monetization of acquired insights on customers and boost customer loyalty towards specific brand and products.

Comarch Loyalty Management

Comarch Loyalty Management Travel Edition




As the volume of customer data (transactional, behavioral and unstructured) and number of data sources continue to grow rapidly, companies are in danger of becoming increasingly rich in data, but unable to always utilize it in an appropriate manner. Moreover, marketers are pressured to show real and measurable effects from their initiatives and increase returns from marketing spends.

These challenges require employing advanced business intelligence solutions, which can help enterprises solve current problems.

Comarch Social Mining

Comarch Business Intelligence

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The business processes managed by customer relationship management applications need to respond to the changing requirements of the market and assist companies more precisely in decision-making processes to save money and time they spend on marketing activities.

Company should possess high-quality customer data which collected, processed and continuously updated and analyzed in CRM systems play a key role in building an enterprise market advantage and bring a higher return on investment. 

Comarch Business Intelligence

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