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Creating a loyalty program is a complex, resource-consuming process that requires a number of conditions to be fulfilled.



Our experience with building loyalty programs has given us the opportunity to gather expertise, process knowledge and learn all of the technical and analytical skills involved. With that information we can support your business at every stage of the development and management process for a loyalty program. 

We treat loyalty programs as complex projects where success depends on many factors, such as:

  • customer involvement and motivation.
  • using the best technology available.
  • program concept and Customer Value Proposition.
  • optimized and well described processes.

Comarch uses best practices, fresh perspectives and industry insights to build an optimal program operation model. We also offer organized processes and program management tailored to businesses of any size, from any industry. 

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loyalty consulting


Comarch offers a broad portfolio of loyalty consulting services including:

  • in-depth needs assessment and vision planning
  • defining measurable objectives and key performance indicators
  • determining the business and marketing requirements of all partners and stakeholders involved in a project
  • analysis of program Customer Value Proposition
  • building high-level financial model to evaluate program strategy impact on ROI
  • analysis of the competitive environment and customer management initiatives
  • research concerning program target audiences
  • accrual and redemption of loyalty currency
  • set of program benefits and incentives
  • selection of communication channels
  • procedures regarding registration channels
  • definition of the types of promotions
  • development of business case scenarios
  • KPI measurement criteria & projections
  • developing a cooperation model between program operator and its partners
  • high-level recommendations regarding partner acquisition
  • financial models concerning settlements between program partners
  • Defining the role IoT can play in customer interactions
  • Assure optimal IoT adoption and enhancement of Customer Value Proposition
  • Key processes design involving IoT touchpoints
  • Identifying the best technological solution for the most effective application of IoT solutions into current systems
  • determining reward categories
  • selection of rewards tailored to target groups
  • negotiations with suppliers
  • creative design & catalog production
  • redemption channels and rewards logistics
  • recommendations regarding additional elements of the Customer Value Proposition to enhance customer usage of a loyalty card
  • support for program communication and campaign development
  • concept of Customer Insight usage for program operations
  • defining message templates for various communication channels
  • recommendations for improving day-to-day communication with customers
  • engaging members through digital, mobile and social channels
  • defining the organization of program operations
  • developing detailed procedures regarding enrollment, responsibility sharing, complaint management, terms of use of the system, customer service, reward issuance process etc.
  • legal and taxation recommendations
  • creating the detailed functional and non-functional requirements of IT systems which support program operations
  • designing  the desired solution architecture and system integration models
  • recommendation of data protection assurances, system access control and fraud prevention mechanisms
  • simulations of the required system scalability to meet forecasted data processing needs
  • Selection of the right channel mix for loyalty program communication
  • Optimization of loyalty mobile app and member portal interface
  • Creating basic rules for loyalty omnichannel communication
  • Defining the Loyalty Social Media approach
  • Developing digital communication KPIs
  • Customer segmentation and analytics
  • Describing key communication processes

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  • unique concept of customer loyalty program with strong business rationale
  • proper business knowledge concerning how to improve program Customer Value Proposition
  • focus of program concept on the ability to generate additional revenue for the brand
  • clear statement of program strategy with detailed, measurable goals and action plans
  • transfer of knowledge and best practices regarding program design and management
  • program concept tailored to its target group characteristics
  • selection of effective communication channels to engage customers at each phase of the life cycle


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