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Gamification is the use of game thinking and mechanics in a business context. It's a perfect solution for building strong relationships and involvement in both B2B, B2E and B2C sectors.




Our solution, due to well-tailored game rules and mechanics, improves engagement and motivation while getting users more attached to the company.

Our rich experience helps us effectively and accurately utilize gamification mechanisms, such as leaderboards, challenges, badges, achievements and many more in perfect proportion.

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comarch creative services



  • designing scheme of the gamification strategy
  • in-deep profiling of the game target group
  • defining desired behavior of the target group
  • planning of customer Insight elements
  • defining the gamification time-frame
  • defining measurable program objectives
  • creating scenarios tailored to customers’ profiles
  • designing context and core of storytelling
  • designing  tailored challenges and tasks for customers
  • setting the program incentive and benefit portfolio
  • creating communication strategy (content, channel, triggers)
  • designing anti-fraud mechanisms
  • UX design of all functional elements and details
  • graphic design (mobile application and/or desktop version) 
  • graphic design of marketing materials (leaflets, posters, TV spots, animations, reward catalog, POS media)
  • design of direct mail and e-mailing campaigns
  • ongoing administration of software applications
  • ongoing administration of creative content
  • defining new customer challenges and tasks
  • modification of visual reward types
  • creation and adjustments of the point rule
  • program KPI monitoring
  • identifying the most active and engaged customers
  • optimizing communication processes
  • system user management
  • evaluating the effectiveness of program implementation
  • tracking level of customers’ engagement and motivation

avantages des services creatifs de comarch


  • building profitable relationships with your clients
  • focus on the ability to generate additional revenue for the brand
  • gaining knowledge on how to engage and maintain loyal clients
  • clear statement of program strategy with detailed, measurable goals and action plans
  • improved and enriched marketing strategies
  • optimized performance of gamification programs
  • identification & optimization of sales and training opportunities
  • program concept tailored to its target group characteristics
  • detailed analysis of the members’ data and business insights
  • selection of effective communication channels to engage clients at each phase of the  life cycles 

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